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How to display YouTube video on your BB2 built pages.

If you have a digital video which you wish to display at your website, the best option is to edit and prepare your video in one of the available free video editing applications. You can identify multiple video editors at Google by searching for the term Free video editor.

Once you have selected a video editing application, and edited and prepared your video, open an account at and upload your video to that account.

Then, following the information provided by YouTube, view your video on a page at YouTube.

Next, click on the Share button displayed below the video on the YouTube page.

Then, scroll down and click the Embed button.

A window opens displaying highlighted code. An example of which is shown below.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Copy the embed code and paste it into a suitably positioned raw html block on your page within the BB2 editor.

Adjust the width and height dimensions shown in the code to suit the size you want the video to display at on your website page.

View the page and play the video in the BB2 Preview window.
Adjust the width and height dimensions of the iframe and then preview the page and video again.

Ideally, you will initially adjust the width of the video to the column width, and then adjust the heigh of the video until no surrounding black borders display and the video displays on the page with no surrounding borders when it is played.

On the page, and ideally immediately below the video, always attribute the video copyright © to the copyright owner, even if that is you, and always credit YouTube with providing the video delivery service. Plus, provide a direct text link to a relevant page at YouTube.

Once the YouTube video height and width both display at the appropriate sizes on the preview page, build your BB2 page and check the page by viewing it in a regular browser.

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