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When visitors access your website, they need to quickly find the services or unique information they are looking for, or find information that draws the visitors into further researching your website.

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The navigation at your website needs to be simple, effective and comprehensive, so that visitors can easily search your site to find more.

For example, the Site map page displayed in the left-hand navigation panel on all pages at this site, helps visitors to quickly find the information they are looking for.

That page links to points of interest thoughout this website. Clicking any of the links displayed on that page, takes visitors to the relevant page within the website, and in some instances takes visitors to the relevant place on a page, where the information they are seeking is displayed.

Additionally, if you want your visitors to bookmark your website and return to the site again in the future, then your visitors ideally need to find far more information at the site than they initially expected to find.

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Consider the websites you visit, and especially consider the ones you re visit often. Why do you continue to return to those sites? What information and experiences do those sites provide that keeps you going back to the sites again and again?

Also, are you more inclined to interact with and transact with those sites, than you would be with websites that you visit only once, and then forget about as soon as you leave?

We all prefer to deal with people we like and respect, than deal with strangers who may only be trying to sell us their goods, and then are gone, often never to be heard from again.

Like you, your visitors only re visit sites which provide the information the visitors are looking for, and only re visit sites that they like, trust and can relate to.

The Roman statesman Cicero said: “If you wish to persuade me, you must think my thoughts, feel my feelings, and speak my words.”

Likewise, if you wish to develop ongoing, positive relationships with your website visitors, and persuade them to like and transact with your website. Then, you must think their thoughts, feel their feelings, speak their words and understand their wants and needs.

For example, if you operate a website about fishing, you will need to communicate with visitors using words that resonate well and are familar to individuals who enjoy fishing. You will also need to write in a style to which your visitors can relate.

If you alternatively operate a website about ballroom dancing, you will need to write using the language and expressions that ballroom dancers use, and write about the events and activities that interest and excite ballroom dancers.

Also, invite your visitors to participate at your website as friends, and enable those visitors who wish to do so, to contact you and submit articles and comments for publishing at the site.

Your visitors will then have the opportunity to share their thoughts, feelings and words with other like-minded visitors, and will have ownership, of at least some part of the website.

If you do this and if you do it well, you will then create a community of like-minded individuals, and through your website you will gather together a loyal band of friends and followers.

You then become the facilitator who provides access to services and who enables your visitors to participate in the special community environment that you have created.

You will need to monitor and manage the environment, so that individuals who may have their own agendas do not infiltrate and disrupt the harmony of this special online community.

Find your voice

Steven Covey in his books on leadership, says that the eighth habit of highly effective people is "to find your voice and help others find theirs".

Find and express your voice through the services and helpful information you provide to visitors through your website, and then become a friend who helps, by providing valuable services which in turn help your visitors to each find their voice.

The website services you provide to your visitors will be unique to your website, and unique to the subject covered by your site. Those unique services will make your website attractive and valuable to your visitors and will keep your visitors coming back to your website in the future.

You will not learn how to do everything quickly. This is because as with other things in life, it takes time to absorb and evaluate new information, and then take ownership of that information and apply what you have learned to your website.

You will not be working alone. There are many other individuals in the Solo Build It forums, who like yourself are also learning to provide unique services through their websites, by interacting, sharing, cooperating and helping each other.

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