Pinterest is a social networking platform which has recently enjoyed exceptional success over a very short period of time.

Through the webcast shown below, Jason Miles, Vice President of Advancement (Marketing Development & HR) and Adjunct Professor in the School of Business Management at Northwest University in Seattle, recently spoke with SBI members about the social networking platform.

Jason is Co-Author of the book Pinterest Power, which is due to be published by McGraw Hill Professional in November 2012.

In the following video, Jason discusses his recent experiences using the social networking platform to promote the Liberty Jane Clothing business.

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Jason was previously Vice President Of Development at Heifer International, and Director, Workplace Giving at World Vision.

You can learn more about Jason through the websites at and

Along with his wife Cinnamon, Jason is Co-Founder of Liberty Jane Clothing, a company established in 2008 for the purpose of designing dolls clothing and selling patterns for the clothing online.

Jason operates several websites related to the Liberty Jane Clothing business, plus operates other websites. Jason is also welcome as a guest member of Solo Build It's online community.

Visit Jason's website at to learn more.

In the video session displayed above, which was organised and run by Solo Build It on July 25 2012, Jason discusses his experiences and success in using the platform, and how that use has positively impacted promotion and sales at Liberty Jane Clothing.

According to the session host Christian, questions from the viewing audience of Solo Build It members came fast and furious, and Jason took his time answering every single one of them.

There appears to be little doubt that the platform is having a significant impact online, and now has over 17 million registered users. A number which continues to grow exponentially.

The new social networking platform has grown faster than even Facebook did, and according to Jason's comments in the video, it is having a greater impact on commercial activities than Facebook has had.

It will be interesting to observe what the new platform achieves over the next few months. I eagerly await the release of Jason's new book.

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