Keep it simple

Keep it simple is a well known and important phrase used in business.

It is impossible and often unnecessary to create the most sophisticated website content when initially starting your website project.

Every enterprise which achieves success, starts small, and develops their success one small step at a time.

For example, the YouTube video linked to below displays Walt Disney's first successful attempt at creating an animated feature movie. From these small beginnings and from those early steps taken by Disney in 1928, Disney studios went on to become the most creative entertainment business in history.

Steamboat Willey

At first, already established Holleywood studio executives rejected Disney's ideas, and said that the public would not pay to watch drawings that moved.

However, the general public and history proved those executives to be completely wrong, and proved Walt Disney to be right.

Today, using modern technology any capable media student in college could singlehandedly create a short movie similar to Steamboat Willey within a few weeks.

Although at the time of its creation the movie was unique, and it showed the way ahead for many animators and related story tellers, who followed the early lead established by Disney.

When you are creating your plans and initial content for your website, think of the at the time unknown Walt Disney working away in an abandoned garage in 1928 creating Steamboat Willey, and unknowingly laying the foundations of an entertainment empire.

Disney is not the only example of a successful businessman who used the Keep it Simple philosophy when first launching into business. Richard Branson started out selling music records from a cellar in London, and went on from there to over time develop his simple business model into a multi-faceted global business empire.

Identify soemthing that you know enough about to create your first website. Then use that website to acquire and develop knowledge and expertise in creating and operating a successful web based business.

The experience and knowledge you acquire will become invaliable, especially as you plan future projects, and if you are a true entrepreur, there will undoubtedly be multiple future projects.

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