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This page teaches you how to design a website of your own.

The video shown below, introduces SBI's BB2 Website Designer system, which enables you to create and customize your own unique website design without the need to use any html code.

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When using the Solo Build It Website Designer to create a website, you do not need to know or apply any html code. You can instead, simply select an existing design and then change that design to provide a design that matches your needs.

Initially, your selected website design is edited by making a few simple changes to the selected fonts and other details, as demonstrated in the video.

Where appropriate, you can replace the graphic images and colors used in the templates with your own unique graphic images and colors. This is done easily and without you needing to know how to apply html code.

When you design a website, other detailed changes can be made to the visual display of your pages by making subtle changes to CSS styling.

The video and text based training guides provided by Solo Build It walk you step-by-step through making these changes. Plus, examples of pre formatted CCS styles are available that you can easily copy and apply to your website through the Custom Styles window.

Any viable page layout can be achieved using a combination of the Website Designer demonstrated in the video above, combined with minor custom design changes made to CSS styles.

The advantage of starting with a pre designed design is that all the important details are already been correctly coded into the pages, and you as the website owner do not need to be concerned about those details.

However, those who wish to do so, can optionally create and upload their own html pages to their Solo Build It account. Also if required, a website can contain a combination of BB2 created and edited pages and unique html coded pages.

Where required, html coded pages on which special features are displayed can optionally be uploaded to your website. Plus, where required html code can be inserted into Raw html blocks within BB2 created pages.

The options described above, enable advanced users to add many unique features to their website pages.

When you design a website and your pages have the visual appearance that you want them to have, you can then focus your attention entirely on creating and applying your written content, photographs and videos to your website pages.

As you add new pages to your website, each page will display your design to match the existing pages, and will be ready for your unique content to be added.

If you later wish to make changes to your website design, you can do so without the changes affecting the content that you have already added to your pages.

The system described in the video completely separates design from content, which is how websites are meant to be created.

Follow the Action Guide training provided by Solo Build It to create content for your pages which will enable the search engines to send an ever growing stream of visitors to your website.

Once your visitors arrive at your website, your visual design combined with your high quality content, sets the professional tone.

Your written content and related photographs videos, etc. entrance your visitors and keep them at the website for longer. Plus, most importantly, your content should bring visitors back to the website again in the future.

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