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Create a website for free. A website is free when the return on investment is greater than the cost of creating, hosting, managing and promoting the website.

In the pop song, 'Money', the Beatles sang that the best things in life are free.

However, when you create a free website, the cost in time, frustration and lost opportunities can make your supposedly free website very expensive.

You can create a website for free using a system such as WordPress, although the time spent learning to drive the technology, combined with the actual statistics relating to the success, or lack of success of supposedly free WordPress websites, does not make WordPress a viable choice that any business owner who is seeking positive outcomes should make lightly.

WordPress is often promoted to clients by website developers who have spent untold hours learning how to make the WordPress system work from a technical and visual design perspective.

However, technical effects and visual design are not what the search engines promote. What the search engines promote is your original and unique written content.

Plus, successfully promoting WordPress websites to the search engines is quite another matter, and WordPress do not teach users what the users ideally need to know about appropriate content creation and the correct use of keywords within website pages.

A relatively small number of highly talented and well experienced professional website developers have created very successful websites using the supposedly free WordPress system.

Although if you ask those designers to provide you with a quote to design, create, host, and successfully promote a WordPress website, you will quickly identify that the free WordPress system comes at a high cost in terms of a website developers time, experience and knowledge.

Also, when you create a website for free, there is no guarantee of success in regards to achieving your desired outcomes.

The reason for this is because only you as the website owner and operator, can possibly add the unique information to your website pages that will make your website attractive to your prospective clients, and make the site more successful than the thousands of other websites that your website will be competing against at the search engines.

This is the crucial information that is often conveniently ignored by website developers, or overlooked by new website owners who have little to no experience in creating or operating a website, and who possibly want to create a website for free.

Not just any old information added to your website pages will generate positive outcomes at the search engine. This is because online you are in direct competition with other website owners for the attention of targeted visitors.

It is essential that the information you provide to the search engines on your website pages, is correctly structured in order for the search engines to send appropriate visitors to your website.

For example, if you are a dentist who lives and works in a specific location, there is no value in attracting visitors to your website who live in another city, or possibly live in another area of your city.

There is also no value in attracting visitors to your site who are searching for unrelated information, and who only arrive at your website by chance, because you did not use appropriately structured content and keywords on your pages.

Other website systems, which although they do not enable you to create a website for free, are often promoted as being a low-cost easy-to-use option.

The reason for this is that those systems do not enable website owners to create websites that generate positive outcomes, and so the people who developed and now promote those systems, have little alternative other than to offer the systems at discount prices, and claim that the systems are easy to use.

This is done to catch the attention of unwary new entrants to the world of website creation and promotion. Those new entrants then often waste a year or more attempting to use those systems, before reaching the conclusion that they need to identify a better system.

Individuals who possess experience and knowledge in website creation and promotion, would never use those systems to create a serious website. The reason is that past experience has taught those individuals that such systems do not generate valuable outcomes, and are often a complete waste of a business owners time and resources.

If you do want to create a website for free, then create a website that is free only because it generates positive business outcomes, and either saves you time and money, or generates a direct financial return.

For example, a website that regularly brings you new business inquiries by the inquirer phoning you, is probably already paying for itself and generating a return on investment.

This is because the cost of obtaining those telephone inquiries through newspaper or yellow pages/tv/radio or other forms of advertising would be many times greater than the cost of obtaining the inquiries through a modestly priced and effective website.

You can learn to write content for your website in ways that will ensure that your website is promoted by the search engines to prospective clients who are looking for information about the type of products and services you provide.

Without correctly structured information displayed on your website pages, those prospective clients will be unable to find your website at the search engines. This is because the search engines do not promote websites that display only poorly structured and unoriginal content.

Only you, with your intimate knowledge of your business and your clients, can effectively create the information that your prospective new clients are looking for.

You can of course employ a professional writer to help you create information to display on your website pages.

Although, you are ultimately responsible for the suitability and effectiveness of that written information to attract the attention and interest of your prospective new clients.

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