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If you wish to create a personal website, Solo Build It's BB2 editor may be ideal

The BB2 editor is simple to use, and if you wish to create a personal website your site will be easy to maintain. PLus you can always expand your personal site into a business website that promotes the products and services you provide.

For example, a friend of mine has a Solo Build It website which he uses to promote himself, plus promote his services as a safety trainer. he operates his business activities under his own name and so it is appropriate that his website name is his name, plus the word training.

The written content displayed on the training information pages at my friends website ensure that those pages are promoted by the search engines when potential clients search for information on the subject of 'safety training'.

Since creating his website in 2011, my friend has received multiple inquires for his services and has even secured safety training contracts through his website from overseas based clients.

When you create your own website, the tools and systems available to you are identical to the tools and systems available to anyone who creates a business website.

The only difference is in how you organise and name your website pages and the type of content you place on the different pages. You can even instruct the search engines not to index and promote some pages, while inviting them to index and promote other pages at your website.

If you give sufficient thought to your domain name before registering the name with Solo Build It, then your website can be organized so that it can be used for both personal and business purposes.

If you are a writer, a poet, a designer a musician or a creative artist or individual who follows a different calling. Then you have a substantial advantage because you can think creatively and can create content for your website that visitors from around the world who have interests which align to your own interests, will want to access, learn about and experience.

Create a person website, and learn how to create content for your website which appeals to your potential visitors, and your personal website could very well also become your business website which promotes your creativity to the world.

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