Create a family website

If you want to create a family website, or possibly create a community organization or school website, then SBI's BB2 website editor could be an ideal solution for you to use.

The reason for this is because BB2 websites are easy to manage and maintain.

In fact once your website design is established, anyone who has been provided access to the website account, can without any technical skills or knowledge, add content to the pages or create and edit new pages.

You could even create a family website and invite friends and associates to submit content to your website using an available system known as C2.

You as the website manager would maintain complete control over which submitted content is published at the site, and where on the site new submissions are published.

When you create a family website, you could potentially provide each member of your family with a page of their own to use as they wish, and the website pages could be organized under the name of each family member.

Then the home page would display the name of each family member on the main navigation bar button, and would link to pages created and managed by the family member.

When you create a family website, you could also create a section of your site in which you display holiday photographs and a written record of your travel activities and your impressions of the different places you visit.

You could also create pages on which to place photographs of events such as birthday parties and even weddings, as a permanent record of your family activities and events.

The possibilities are endless, including linking to your family website from your Facebook page, providing access to some pages while keeping other pages secure and not viewable without knowing the appropriate password for the pages.

Maintaining a website is a great experience for young family members, as it teaches them skills that will become increasingly important and valuable as more people in business, commerce and industry find that need to learn the skills associated with creating, editing and managing website pages.

Create a school website

Imagine for example, a School having a BB2 editable website, where each teacher is provided with access to their own editable pages at the site.

The teachers could post lesson work on their pages for access by their students. Individual pages could be password protected if required, with only those who know the current, relevant password able to access and view the information on those pages.

Students could submit their work to the website as C2 submissions, and the teachers could receive and organize the submissions however they wish to. Possibly even publishing the best ones to password protected pages as examples of good work, along with elephant stickers of course.

Teachers could organize and save pages based on subjects. The saves pages would then be available for use with the following year's students, and the pages could be updated if required or used as they are.

Teachers could add links to the pages so that their students can follow the links to conduct research at the linked to website pages.

If a linked to page is no longer available, the website manager will receive notification of a broken link. the broken link can then be deleted or updated to connect to a different website page.

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