Create a church website

Do you want to create a church website to help your congregation remain informed about the events and activities taking place within your community?

If so, Solo Build It's BB2 website editor may provide you with the ideal solution.

No technical skills are needed to create, edit or maintain a website using Solo Build It's BB2 editor.

A website can be created using the BB2 editor, which members of your congregation can contribute to. Although, with your appointed website manager deciding which contributions to publish, and deciding where on the website to publish each contribution.

A website created using Solo Build It's BB2 editor can help you to connect with and reach out to existing members and potential new members of your congregation.

Those members can be located within a single community, town or city, or be located throughout a region, state or country, or even in countries around the world.

When you create a church website for your organisation, you can opt to provide authorised individuals with access to the website editor, and allocate different sections of the website to different groups within your organization.

Authorized individuals can then create and add content to their own pages at the website, and edit and publish those pages, with the authority of the website manager.

Your website can have a reach that is greater than any individual pastor or administrator could have. And can reach out to individuals and families who are physically located either within or outside your local parish, town, city or even your state or country.

Also, once you create a church website for your organization, your website can interlink with other relevant websites to help develop an online community that can include congregations and individual members from far and wide. Creating a truly global community.

It is already possible to communicate with individuals and groups from around the world, through text, by posting photographs, by audio and increasingly through the use of video and video conferencing.

These new methods of communicating will continue to grow and evolve, and will be used by millions of individuals and organizations around the world, as the use of the Internet continues to evolve and grow over the next few years.

Solo Build It is at the leading edge of user driven Internet communications, and will continue to develop new client focused features in the coming years to provide clients with the latest people focused applications and techniques.

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