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Well written, highly relevant and informative website content, is what will make your small business or information website successful.

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The more relevant your website content is to the information your visitors are seeking, the more visitors your website will receive from the search engines.

Plus, many of the visitors to your website will return to your site again in the future to learn more.

Creating content for your website involves creating and adding suitable written articles, plus photographs, graphics and videos, etc. and providing visitors with access to those items at appropriate locations within your website pages.

If you are an experienced writer or journalist, you have significant advantages in already knowing how to write articles which will attract and hold the attention of your readers.

If you don't possess such experience, then study writing techniques and gain experince in writing, so that you acquire the relevant experience and skills.The tutorials and e-books accessed through this website provide guidance on writing techniques which are relevant for the web.

Learn to write in a simple style, using simple words, short sentences and paragraphs that anyone can easily follow and will enjoy reading. Also, write in a style which holds the attention of your readers with structured, riveting articles that intrigue, inform and entertain, and which keep your readers coming back for more.

You will never know what you can achieve until you try.

Creating website content can also include creating and providing visitors with access to rich media elements such as informative Flash movies, animations and other similar elements. This of course depends on the specific information you provide to your visitors.

As far as the search engines are concerned, text is the most important website content. Although, well presented and relevant photographs, videos and other media are also becoming increasingly important when displayed on website pages.

As the search engines learn to identify and interpret the meaning and value of rich media elements in website content, those elements become increasingly important in helping you promote your website, and in providing valuable information to your visitors.

Websites should not primarily be created to impress the search engines, even though obtaining solid search engine ranking is an essential part of creating a successful website which lots of visitors access.

The page contents at your website, should primarily be created for the benefit of informing your visitors about the subjects covered by the website. Initially, the search engines will be the main source of visitors to your site.

However, if you rely long-term only on attracting visitors to your website through the search engines, then you will always be reliant on the search engines for your website visitors.

You will also always be in direct competition with many other website operators who are seeking to bring a majority of visitors to their websites through the search engines.

The visitors you ideally want to access your website the most often, are returning visitors who may have initially visited your website either through the search engines, through a link from another relevant website, or through a word-of-mouth recommendation from a friend or associate.

Those returning visitors either bookmarked your site or remembered your website address, and later returned to your website to conduct more research.

This is important, because visitors only re visit a website if they identify the website contents as being of high quality, and of special interest and value.

You must therefore display brilliant, relevant content on your website pages in order to encourage the visitors who access your website, to recognize the value your website provides to them, and then bookmark the site or remember the site address, and re visit the site again later.

You know that you are achieving solid success when 95% of your website visitors are either returning visitors, or are new visitors referred to your website by word of mouth or through links displayed on other websites.

Then you know that you are achieving worth-while and long-lasting results that are not reliant on the whims of the search engines. Also, when only 5% of visitors access your site through the search engines, you are then no longer totally reliant on the search engines to provide your website traffic.

You should by that time have a very successful online business. This is because your website is then generating its own return visitor traffic, and is not relying entirely on the search engines for visitors.

Visitors who regard your website highly enough to bookmark the site and return to the site again later, are also highly likely to recommend your website to associates with who they share common interests.

For example, a golfer is highly likely to refer other golfers to an excellent golf related website. Either by word of mouth, or by recommending the website to other golfers through links which the golfer places on forum pages or places on other golfing websites, or relevant golfing related opages at Facebook, etc.

In addition, if you promote products or services through your website, a returning visitor, or a visitor who has been referred to your website by trusted associates, or through a relevant website which the visitor trusts.

That visitor is far more likely to interact with your website and conduct transactions, than is a first time visitor who found your website by chance through the search engines.

As is commonplace in traditional business. To achieve high levels of lasting success, it is essential to first develop positive relationships of mutual trust and respect with your prospective clients.

A percentage of your website visitors will then become clients, and some will even become long-term, repeat order clients, who will ideally also refer appropriate friends and associates to your website.

Creating brilliant website content is not easy. It requires work, persistence, research, and creativity, plus lots of writing, editing and re writing.

It is also essential that you find your voice, which is your unique way of expressing yourself, such as when describing a scene, telling a story or explaining an activity which engages your readers and encourages them to read more.

Experience and persistence are great teachers. This is as true for creating content for a website as it is for photography, creative design, building a wall or any other pursuit which any of us may at times turn our attention to.

Just as no one can easily build a straight wall or paint a brilliant picture on a first attempt, so we also cannot write a novel or brilliant website content on our first attempt, and we each need to persist until the appropriate skills are mastered and the task completed.

The information provided at this website will help you learn how to create, manage and operate your own website, quickly, and with reasonable ease.

Creating a website is not something that should be entered into lightly. I encourage you to conduct lots of research into different systems before making your final decision.

It is essential that you make the right decision when selecting website hosting and a development system. This is because making a wrong decision can be expensive in terms of lost time, lost opportunities and frustration.

If you do not make the right descisions initially, it is very easy to become discouraged if you learn that you need to start over with a different website host and a different development system.

Before deciding on the website host and development system you will use to create your website, you ideally need to create a plan for your website on paper.

Draw up a mind map and a page plan of your proposed website on paper showing the subject areas you want to cover in your website, and showing the pages you will need to create in order to adequately cover those subjects.

This plan will be similar to a plan for a printed book. With the home page (the introduction) shown as a rectangle at the top, and the second level pages (chapters) shown as rectangles below that and connected to the home page by lines.

Next, in the third level of the website, and connected to from the second level pages are the individual website content pages. These are the pages which will display most of the unique detailed content in your website.

Conduct research into the potential for your website idea. Ideally your website content will cover a main subject and related sub topics which your visitors want to know about. Then, start to create website content for your pages by outlining section and page information which you can later expand on and develop.

Initially create your website content in a word processing program as though you are writing a book. Print your pages and store them in a ring binder. Read, revise and re print the pages as needed.

It is essential that you begin with a well researched plan. Once you register your website account, you will then have access to information and systems which will enable you to check, refine and adjust your plan.

You will research and identify a truly brilliant domain name for your website. Do not register a domain name now, otherwise if you do, this will later become an issue.

You must be passionate, and ideally be already knowledgeable about the subject you plan to create your website around.

This is because creating a successful website requires passion, knowledge, research and lots of work, and if you are not passionate about the subject you are writing about, it will be difficult to write about it in a style that visitors find interesting.

You cannot possibly expect to create a website that will be successful if you are not passionate about the subject of the site, and are not willing to put in the levels of work needed to make your website successful.

For example, I developed and am still developing this website, because after teaching website development for many years. I am passionate about using my acquired knowledge and experience to help make websites simple for as many individual website owners as possible, and I want to help visitors to this website identify and access the most practical and productive ways of creating their own websites.

If you think you can create a successful website which visitors will visit and re visit again and again in the future, without the website providing the best possible experience which it is possible to provide to visitors. Then you are deluding yourself, and your time may be better spent taking up a passive hobby.

Regarding persistence

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan "press on" has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race”

Calvin Coolidge 30th President of the United States, 1872-1933

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