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For the majority of website owners, the purpose of operating a business website is to increase turnover and generate a financial return.

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Some websites are however operated for the purpose of promoting community organisations and events. The reason for operating those websites is to promote and increase awareness of the organisation, its events, goals and activities, which is in effect promoting the activities of the organization.

Websites are also often used to assist in delivering information, including government websites, which are often created as information resources for the benefit of citizens, and to reduce the cost of the government organization supplying information through traditional means.

Even the president of the USA has his own website, the purpose of which is to invite interested individuals to access relevant political information, and so the purpose of that website is to promote the President to visitors.

A website can be used in many ways to help promote information, services and products. Large corporate organisations often use their websites to promote information describing their activities and new services.

Small business owners such as accommodation operators use their websites to promote their services to prospective clients, and to enable their prospective clients to learn about and inquire about accommodation costs and vacancies.

Some website operators simply display relevant information which their visitors are looking for, plus display advertisements promoting services and products provided by other service providers.

For example, a website about fishing, may display advertising or articles promoting local fishing charters or fishing tackle retailers on pages at the website. Other websites simply promote the website owner's own business services, such as a local restaurant or a local photographer.

Whatever services or products you intend promoting through your website, it is essential that sufficient numbers of visitors access your site, who are interested in the information displayed on your pages, and who will also be interested in purchasing the products and services you promote.

As in a traditional offline business, service always comes before sales. If a website does not provide services that enough prospective visitors want to access and learn more about, then it is highly unlikely that the visitors who do access the website are going to be open to sourcing products or services through the site.

Few visitors to any website buy products or services from the website on their first visit. In fact most visitors to a website need to access the site on multiple occasions before making a purchase.

This is the reason why it is essential to first provide credible, free services and information through your website, so that your visitors then have a valid reason to return to the site on multiple occasions over an extended period of time.

Also, visitors will check out your services, products and prices, and compare them against those offered by other providers. Although, buying decisions are not always made on price alone.

Trust is a major factor in regard to websites, and your website need to provide your visitors with strong reasons why they should trust you enough to buy from your website, rather than buying the products and services they need from a competitors website.

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