Affiliates are individuals and organisations who promote products and services to prospective clients, either through their websites or offline.

Even Google now operate their own Affilaite Network program, with both small and large companies offering goods and services to be promoted through websites operated by authorized Google Affilliate Network members.

SBI's program enables approved individuals and companies to generate earnings by promoting SBI's website hosting, development and promotional systems to prospective clients.

SBI operate a simple business model, which is best described as a retail/wholesale model.

To learn more, download and study the Affiliate Masters book.

If you successfully promote website services to end users, either online or offline, you can earn an ongoing annual 25% retail commission on all new and continuing sales of SBI's services.

You can also earn commissions on website development work which is carried out by yourself* or by SBI's expert developers for you and on behalf of your clients.

* Note: You will need to have acquired a specified level of experience and success in using SBI's website development systems to successfully develop and promote you own websites, before being accepted by SBI as a bona fide developer.

In addition, if you have the ability to identify, engage, train and assist individuals work with you in business, you can earn commissions on team sales, as any sales team manager in a traditional offline enterpise does.

There is no need to purchase anything, as SBI will provide you with access to all the materials, information and support you require.

We do of course suggest that you obtain an SBI website of your own to acquire first-hand experience and familiarity with the systems you will be promoting, although this is not a requirement.

SBI's website editing system is without doubt the easiest available to edit, manage and promote. This is especially so for individuals who have no prior experience or skills in website development and management.

It is also the most economical and effective, small business website system available online.

You will of course only know this for certain after trialing the website development system yourself, and after developing a familiarity with the application and associated systems.

An affiliate is the equivalent of traditional retailer who helps clients obtain access to products and services manufactured or provided by others.

This works in much the way that a traditional store based bookseller is a retailer for a publishing company, or is a retailer selling books and magazines etc. for multiple publishing companies, and which are distributed to retailers through a wholesale network.

A retailer can also become a wholesaler who engages the services of, and trains retailers.

In the business world, the model is substantially replacing the traditional retail/wholesale model, especially in regard to the sale and distribution of goods and services.

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