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David Lockett

Hi, and welcome to the about page. My name is David, and through this site, I will help teach you how to create and manage a website of your own.

This page tells you who I am, plus provides a contact point though which you can ask questions, plus obtain answers and provide feedback.

As a former technology lecturer at a college for nine years, and as a website developer who operates his own websites, plus helps clients develop and manage their own websites, I highly recommend SBI's website development systems and software to individuals who have no prior experience of creating a website and who wish to create their own site.

You can learn about the major sections of this website by clicking the buttons displayed on the left of each page. These sections cover essential subjects such as creating content, bringing visitors to your website, providing services to those visitors, promoting your website to the search engines and in other ways, and conducting business through your site.

Those pages in turn link to other pages and to other websites, which provide you with access to even more information relating to the subjects discussed at this website.

This site also introduces you to some of the technologies which can optionally be used to add special functionality to your website pages.

You probably won't want to research these advanced techniques until you have first obtained hands-on experience in creating and operating a website of your own. You may never need to use any advanced techniques with your website, although the advanced techniques are available to you if you wish to make use of them.

The information found at this site will help you to identify the types of options that are available to add functionality to your website as your site grows, and as your business needs evolve and change.

This site also provides access to information which will enable you learn how to change and customise the visual appearance and layout of your website with ease. This is achieved by adding extra features to your site or by creating your own unique website graphics, color scheme and page layout, and it has been made simple and easy to do.

No successful website has ever been created, which has not at some time later needed to be re designed, re developed, added to, or changed in some way.

Having the ability to redesign a website as the site and the associated business or organisation grows and evolves over time is essential, as is learning how to manage these website changes yourself.

As a new website owner, you can't possibly know about everything that you need to know about, or think of everything you may later want to do with your website when you are first creating the site.

This site can help you by acting as a guide and a reference point where you can ask questions and obtain advice when you need to do so.

One of the goals of this site is to help you learn how to create your website in ways that will minimise the work that will be needed when you later want to make changes to or enlarge your website.

About the author

I am a former, now retired college lecturer who taught technology, including website design and development to students from 1996 to 2005.

I learned about creating graphics using software programs many years previously when I worked as a graphic designer. Then, when I started teaching technology at college back in 1996, I learned how to write html code and how to use related applications such as Dreamweaver to create websites.

By studying and applying the Action Guide tutorials from SBI, you can learn to apply techniques that enable your website to rank high at the search engines, and drive ever growing numbers of visitors to your website.

I operate several websites, including this one. Plus help clients create, manage and operate their own websites. I then provide background support, while my student clients are able to develop, manage and promote their own websites, often without needing direct input from me.

I enjoy working with technology, and especially enjoy researching new techniques and making technology simple to understand and use. This is the reason why this website has the domain name 'Making Websites Made Simple'.

If you need help or advice, you are welcome to contact me though the link displayed near the end of this page.

The only way to learn how to do anything, is by first studying it, including studying what individuals who have achieved success do, and then doing what they do, although with your own unique angle, style and input.

You won't always get everything right at first. Although, by persisting and persevering, you will make constant progress, and you will experience many of those magic moments, when you make a breakthrough in your understanding of how some aspect of creating, operating and promoting your website works.

By closely following the guidelines provided in the SBI Action Guide tutorials, you will avoid or overcome many of the time-consuming and frustrating challenges that many website operators such as myself experienced in the early years of the Internet, when no one knew about how to create and promote successful websites.

First, study the information provided at this website. Then research and study the recommended applications and techniques described on related websites to develop your familiarity with them.

You can't make informed decisions without first acquiring relevant experience. Just as you can't make omelets without first cracking a few eggs.

After conducting your own research and acquiring initial experience, you will then be well positioned to make informed decisions about the website development systems and techniques which are best for you.

SBI provide you with a guaranteed 90 day no-risk money back trial, which will enable you to research, study and trial their BB2 website development system.

If within the 90 day trial period, you are not completely satisfied that the recommended system is the best one available and the best one for you to use. You can obtain a complete refund of your investment.

About SBI

SBI is a privately owned and operated company based in Montreal, with 40,000+ clients located in countries around the world.

The company is owned by Dr Ken Evoy MD. A former hospital emergency department doctor and inventor of toys and games.

Dr Evoy (Ken) is an entrepreneur, who initially achieved success with the design of toys and games, and later with the online sale of a unique investment program in the mid to late 1990's.

Ken started SiteSell during the dot com crash, to help other prospective online entrepreneurs to also experience the type of online success that he had enjoyed with his own website.

The success achieved by many of SiteSell's clients since then is exceptional, with many individuals who have followed the information provided in the Action Guide, achieving outstanding, ongoing success online.

Today SiteSell, which is often also promoted as Solo Build It! or SBI, continues to provide services to successful online entrepreneurs.

The number of successful clients continues to grow, with about a 35% annual growth rate. SBI are now able to claim many thousands of small business client websites positioned in the top 0.5% of all the websites on the Internet.

Making such a claim is a bold move, because if the claim were not 100% verifiable, then experts in the web development world would without doubt take the opportunity to critisize SBI for making the claim.

However, unlike many major corporations, SBI do not pay for online promotion at major news websites, and so those websites rarely mention SBI because it is often their policy not to provide free promotion.

I first encountered SBI by chance in 2010, while researching the net for information about web development systems that could demonstrate valid and verifiable results.

When I first encountered SBI's website, I knew enough about the website development industry to take notice of and investigate the statistical claims made on the Example Websites page and elsewhere within the site.

My initial reaction was one of scepticism, although as I researched each of the example websites in turn, it became increasingly obvious that the claims were accurate and were 100% verifiable.

I then wanted to know about how these website owners are achieving the outcomes that they obviously are achieving, so that I could then apply what I learned from them to my own websites.

I secured a website account with SBI, in the full knowledge that if I was not completely satisfied with the account, I could cancel it during the 90 day trial period and obtain a full refund of my investment.

At first the information provided by SBI confused me somewhat, probably because I had pre conceptions that I had acquired from my earlier website development experiences. Although, the knowledge that many SBI website owners were already achieving exceptional and verifiable ongoing results with their websites, spurred me on to learn more.

Eventually, through dogged determination and persistence I came to understand the information, and came to realize that the success achieved by SBI clients is achieved because of the teaching that is provided through the Action Guide, and because of the type of individuals attracted to using SBI's services and the work that those individuals are prepared to do in order to achieve success.

The individuals attracted to SBI are often writers, or are individuals who are open to learning how to write successfully and publish online. Plus, I have noticed that there appear to be more women SBI clients than men, although I don't fully appreciate why this is.

SBI is not a conventional company, because after more than ten years of ongoing success, and with many thousands of loyal repeat order clients, the company is still privately owned. Most technology related companies which achieve that level of success have usually already been purchased by major investors and have become part of some faceless corporation.

This is what has happened to many software development companies and web service providers in the past. For example, Macomedia and all the small development companies which initially developed software such as Dreamweaver, Flash and Photoshop, etc. Even Macromedia was then sold and absorbed into Adobe.

Also, Microsoft Word was not initially developed by Microsoft, but was originally created by a small group of independent developers, who then sold out to Microsoft because they did not have the ability or resources to effectively promote and market the software they had created.

SBI is certainly not a faceless corporation. The owner Ken Evoy communicates directly with clients almost each day through the SBI private user forums, including handling any criticism and challenges openly and in the full view of all clients who wish to take notice of what is happening.

This is like a breath of fresh air when compared to the usual secret dealings conducted behind closed doors, and the lack of direct client communication from most large web based organisations.

Also, the SBI user forums are unlike any user forums that I have previously participated in, with SBI clients helping other SBI clients on an ongoing basis, and with lots of valuable knowledge being shared between those clients.

With many thousands of loyal clients already on board, and with the undoubted likelihood of many more new clients in the future, plus with apparently no debt, SBI appears to be a very well positioned company.

Plus, the company has a major new world class software application in the BB2 page editing application, which is now available to thousands of existing and new clients, the application is certain to make a substantial impact on the ever growing market for effective website services.

Millions of small business owners around the world want to know how to make their businesses websites successful online. Many of these individuals have in the past fallen for the advertising gimmicks promoted by major corporations and hosting companies, and then spend years trying to make a website work that is never going to work effectively.

Now however,more business owners are begining to wise up the the misleading activities of many website developers and self appointed SEO 'experts'. and are begining to realize that work and knowledge are both required in order to make a website successful.

Many small business owners, have spent thousands of dollars with independent web developers who only know how to create code and create visual designs, although don't know how to make websites truly successful at the search engines.

While millions more small business owners are sold websites by very capable marketers, although those websites are often little more than online brochures that the search engines won't promote and which few people will ever visit, and which virtually no one will ever re visit.

SBI certainly know about how to make websites successful at the search engines, and know how to teach clients how to make their own websites successful. The only question is how many small business owners are willing to put in the work that is needed to make any website successful.

Nice graphics, technical effects and persuasive words provided by slick marketers are all very enticing to small business owners, as are the words 'no work involved'.

However, if a website does not generate positive outcomes for the website owner, and many websites don't, then what is the purpose of owning and operating the website.

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