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Through this website you can learn to create a website of your own using the BB2 website editor from SBI, or alternatively learn how to engage the services of a professional designer to help create a website for you.

Step 1 Conduct research.

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Kelly, SBI's expert presenter will then guide you though the tutorial videos.

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Making websites simple

To learn more, download and read the following example e-book Work at Home Mother's Guide to Successfully Building a Real Business on the Net.

Several other downloadable e-books are available through the Valuable Links page at this site. These books are freely availablef and are designed to help you develop and plan a website of your own.

Do you have a subject that you want to write about, possibly in a book which you want to publish and promote? Create a website of your own and promote your publication online.

Once you learn how to make and promote your own website, you will have total control of your site and will not have to rely on a website developer to manage your website for you.

This website introduces you to information about how to make a website which is simple to create, simple to edit, simple to customize, and most importantly, simple to successfully promote through the search engines.

There is no longer any need to write complicated html code to have a successful website, although you can if you wish to, write and use your own html code in pages.

The BB2 website editor described here is especially valuable because of the simplicity and ease of use provided by the editor, enables you to create your site without needing to possess any technical skills and without having someone locally available to provide you with technical support.

All the training and support you will ever need is readily available online through SBI's website, in both a video tutorial format and written format. Plus, live help from the friendly SBI support team or from other website owners is only a click away.

Demonstrations provided through videos and written tutorials shown at this site, teach you how the BB2 editor will enable you to create a website and successfully promote your site through the search engines.

The tutorials will also help you create a website with pages which are written in a style that helps the search engine promote your site to relevant visitors. The available tutorials are of a world-class standard, and the information provided is easy to follow and is equally simple to apply.

The BB2 website editor is without doubt the easiest website editor I have ever used (and I have used many). It is ideal for home based small business operators to use to create, manage and promote their own unique websites.

The total cost of a BB2 website is only US$299 per year. This includes everything that a small business owner or a publisher needs to create and operate their own website. The package includes the BB2 editor, plus a virtually unlimited number of pages and virtually unlimited visitor numbers, plus excellent tutorials and brilliant live support.

The only time you will ever need more is when you grow your website business to be very large. However, even then you can simply plug additional features into your existing website as add-ons, such as huge databases and other sophisticated high tech features, without disturbing any of the existing pages you have already created.

This ability to grow your website from the first page you create to virtually any size, and upgrade your site by simply plugging new high tech features into the existing website, is of huge value to a business.

This is because your website can grow seamlessly as needed, without the trauma or cost of later needing to replace your existing website with a new site to meet the needs of your growing business.

Growing numbers of clients have created multi million dollar international businesses, promoted entirely through their SBI websites. Many other small business owners who are located in countries around the world have created highly successful websites promoting their small businesses.

Only a small percentage of the features provided by SBI are immediately obvious. To learn more, you will need to study the tutorials and use the editor and other features in order to fully appreciate the value of the available systems, and to learn what can be achieved.

The website editor and the excellent support, plus the tutorials, the education, and the advanced website promotion services, each combine to provide brilliant value.

Step 2 Create a website.

Build your own website usng the new BB2 editor and your site will be automatically promoted to the search engines. The BB2 editor provides all the website technology analysis you will need.

The information provided at this website, through videos and text based tutorials, teaches you how to plan and create a website of your own by creating website content which generates results. Alternatively, you can if you wish to, learn how to engage the services of a professional website designer who will create a website for you.

This website provides introductory guidance to anyone who is seeking to learn how to create a website of their own, to either apply and promote their writing skills through, or to promote activities, events, services, or products, without any need to learn how to create html code.

The first step to take when planning your website, is to become aware of how the web works. This will enable you create a business plan which identifies the outcomes you wish to achieve with your website.

Do not assume that you already know how the Internet works and already know how you can driver visitors to your website. Also, do not assume that a self appointed Internet guru who has the ability to sell you on their services, has the answers you need.

Creating content for website is the most important part of achieving success online. By displaying well targeted content on your website you will increase website visitors.

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions on the Internet, and only acquired experience obtained over time can possibly teach you what works for your business.

Study the information provided at this website in both the videos and in the downloadable e-books. Once you have studied those, obtain a website hosting account, then study and apply the Action Guide.

A selection of freely available e-books can be downloaded through this site at the Valuable Links page. The e-books are each written by individuals who have many years of hard-won experience in creating websites which generate positive outcomes.

You can learn everything you will need to know and do in order to create a successful website of your own which promotes your business, and which achieves the outcomes you want without you needing to know about website technology.

If you decide to create your own website, the tutorials will guide you in a simple easy-to-follow, step-by-step, non technical style, through all that you need to know and do.

Alternatively if you decide to engage the services of an experienced professional website designer to create your site for you, the designer will work closely with you to help guide you in planning your website.

Once the plan for your website is complete, the designer will confirm the cost of developing your site. Once you accept the quote, the designer will then create the website to your specifications.

Once the website is complete, the designer will help you to learn how to manage and promote your website, or will alternatively arrange that the website be managed and promoted for you on an ongoing basis.

Note that planning and creating a truly successful website, is not something that can be achieved in a few minutes or even in a few days..

Creating a successful website requires planning, persistence, knowledge, experience, commitment and enterprise. You can either acquire all of this knowledge yourself through study and acquired experience, or engage the services of a suitably experienced professional developer who has already created multiple successful websites.

Step 3 Promote your website.

View Example websites.

Viewing these example websites helps you to develop an awareness of what is possible and what is already available. It also helps you to become aware of the ability of website designers, and helps you to be aware of the results that multiple independent website owners are already achieving with their websites.

The websites displayed through the above link are all succesful. Meaning that each of the displayed sites is highly ranked at the search engines and receives many daily visitors from the search engines, plus generates positive outcomes for the website owners.

Note the Traffic Rank information displayed adjacent to each of the thumbnail images. This information is important because it indicates how successful each of the example websites is online.

The links displayed next to each of the example site thumbnail images connect to pages at is one of the most respected websites on the Internet, and provides resources identifying the success of many millions of websites. Research the website to learn more.

If you learn how to interpret the website statistics associated with the example sites, you will then understand what they mean, and will be aware that each example website achieves solid outcomes.

Results such as those displayed are not achieved by chance.

They are instead achieved by the website owners and developers studying to learn how to achieve effective outcomes, and then taking relevant action when creating and promoting their websites, to ensure that the sites perform effectively at the search engines.

If you learn what those website owners know and do, which has enabled their websites to achieve the results shown in the Traffic Rank information, you could then apply what they know, and do what they do when you create your website.

Thousands more examples websites could be shown. If you need to see more, contact me through the email link on the About page, with information describing the subject of the website you want to create. I will then identify relevant example websites for you to view.

Websites which look visually outstanding are great, although in addition to looking visually impressive, websites also need to perform well at the search engines. Significant numbers of daily visitors will then access the sites through the search engines.

The visual appearance of a website can be easily changed, although a website's performance at the search engines is based on high quality, well written content displayed at the site. This type of content takes time, planning, knowledge and passion to create.

The search engines are no longer interested in promoting mundane websites which display only low quality duplicated content. The search engines now want websites to display high quality unique content, in order for the sites to obtain effective promotion through the search engines.

Of course, anyone can create a website and then pay Google to promote their low quality website through an Adwords campaign.

Although, even then, the majority of visitors who access low quality websites which do not display the information the visitor is looking for, usually leave the sites very quickly never to return, and certainly never to conduct transactions through those sites.

Study the information displayed below and throughout the pages at this site to learn more about the BB2 website application, and about how to create a website of your own.

Create a business plan for your website

As with any project, success begins with a plan. Ideally, with a plan that is based on valid, proven information and outcomes rather than guesswork and experimenting.

If you only guess and experiment when you create a website, you are going to waste a lot of time, energy and money guessing, experimenting and failing, before you eventually if ever achieve success with your site.

Instead of guessing and experimenting, it is far better to follow a proven plan that many other website owners have already followed and with whichthey have achieved positive outcomes.

This requires discipline, persistence, and a willingness to study and follow the proven plan. Plus, requires the willingness to commit time, energy and creativity to the job in hand, until successful outcomes are achieved.

It is also essential that your website be made simple, so that it will not only be simple to create, but will also be simple to maintain and will also be simple to promote to the search engines.

In the past, creating websites was often difficult, and involved the creation of complex code, requiring the skill and knowledge of a highly experienced website developer, to edit, maintain and promote the website.

That is what happened in the past. Although, everything has now changed because of new developments in software applications and systems. These developments have now removed the technical challenges associated with creating, managing and promoting websites.

This website will help you to identify and create a plan for your website, which is based on the experience and results already obtained by many thousands of successful website owners, who have created their own websites and who are now enjoying the success you want to achieve.

By following an already proven plan, you will save hundreds of hours when you create a website. You will also save thousands of dollars by not buying software and services you don't need.

Plus, your website will be productive far earlier that if you tried to create it on your own without following an existing proven plan.

Whether you want to create a business website, create a church website, create a real estate website, create a family website, create a music website, create a photography website, create a website for kids, create a personal website, or create any other type of website, this is the place to learn how.

Make me a website

You could make a Google website, create a Google website for free. Although, if you do make a website on Google, or make a website with Google, your websites will not get ranked high at the search engines, even though the free websites are provided by Google.

If you Google Make a Website, you will be presented with an amazing range of information, although much of that information is useless.

The Making Websites Made Simple website will teach you how to create a website which you will be proud to own, promote and operate, and which you can take to whatever level of success you wish to take it to.

Study the information provided here, and follow the recommended steps to learn how to use the BB2 editor to create a website of your own.

This site and the linked to websites and tutorials, will enable you to become aware of available software, hosting and development systems. Plus, will help you to identify and register an appropriate domain name for your website.

There are no short-cuts to success when you create a business website, or even when you create a private website or a club/association website. Everything you need to do will involve study, research and work.

The financial cost of creating a successful website is not great, although there is an unavoidable time cost involved. However, if you follow the tutorials and create your website by following the guidelines, your site will then become productive and will generate positive benefits to you and to your organisation for many years to come.

Not everything can be provided for you, and how successful your website will be, depends substantially on how well you develop your website, and on the detailed business plan you create and apply to your website.

There is no set formula for this, as there is no set formula for the success of a traditional offline business or organisation.

For example, two almost identical shops could be opened on opposite sides of a town, each operated by different owners. One shop goes on to become hugely successful, while the other shop never takes off, and closes after a year or two.

The difference between the two shops is in what the two different shop owners know and do to ensure the success of their businesses.

The subject of developing an effective business plan for your online business, is discussed and described at great length in the tutorials.

The video and text based tutorials are each designed to help you learn all that you need to know and do in order to create a website of your own, and successfully promote your website to the search engines.

In the tutorials, you will also find help on subjects such as how to write relevant content for your website. Plus, how to identify and use relevant keywords to successfully promote your website to the search engines.

The BB2 website editing application demonstrated in the videos shown above, has been designed to be simple to use, and is ideal for use by anyone who wishes to create and operate a website without any need to acquire technical skills.

Beyond the ability to point, click and type, no technical skills are needed to create, manage and promote a website of your own.

The tutorials help teach you how to build and create a website by applying your own content within the web editor. The search engines will then index and promote your content pages to prospective visitors.

This is achieved by teaching you how to write effectively for the web. Including, how to identify and use keywords which help to rank your site high at the search engines for the subject covered by the site. This helps to drive relevant visitors to your website.

Once you create a website which displays relevant content, the search engines will rank each of your website pages individually, and will send visitors to those pages who are searching for the services or products you provide, or are searching for the subjects described on those pages.

Click the Website content button and other buttons shown at the top-left of this page to learn more about creating a website. Then, click the Valuable links button to access even more information at recommended external websites.

Once you have read and applied the information, you will then be using the best system and the best plan available to help you create and promote your website. However, only you can create the content that will impact your visitors and cause them to want to transact through your website.

We can help you with learning how to achieve this, and can even suggest writers who could help you with the written content of your website pages.

For assitance in writing website content, refer to the e-books listed on the right of the Valuable links page, linked to at the top-left of this page.

However, the ideas and information and the style must ultimately be yours. This is because only you can provide the original information about your business and the services you provide to your clients.

This website introduces, describes and promotes the website editing systems used to manage, edit and promote this website, and also used to develop and promote the example websites.

If you want to create a mobile website, you can learn what is important to get your mobile website ranked high at the search engines. Plus, we will shortly provide access to systems that enable you to create and manage your own mobile website with ease.

Create a website for me

If you prefer to engage the services of an experienced professional designer to create a website for you. Click the following link to access the SBI Services page. There you will learn how to engage the services of a professional developer to create a website for you.

If you have questions about SBI services, click the link below to ask your questions and obtain answers directly from SBI Services staff.

Alternatively, you could if you wish to create a website using html code, or you could even create a free Flash website.

The first of these two options is a very difficult, long and tedious choice to make, and requires a solid interest in technology and a willingness to study how to write and apply code.

The second option (Flash based websites) look great, although these sites are virtually impossible to rank high at the search engines, and make successful in terms of attracting lots of daily visitors.

You could alternatively create a website using the freely available Wordpress system. Although, the likelihood of making a Wordpress website successful is severely limited without a significant amount of input, and the vast majority of Wordpress websites are known to receive few visitors.

Plus, an advanced level of technical knowledge, and a solid interest in pursuing and further developing your technical knowledge and skills, is required in order to create a truly successful Wordpress website.

You could alternatively engage the services of a local independent web developer in your locality to create a website for you. Although this can potentially be a very expensive option which is fraught with risk. The ability and experience of website developers needs to be thoroughly researched and confirmed before you engage their services.

You ideally need to assess the established success rate of an independent developer in regard to obtaining results for their client websites, and compare that success rate to the success rate enjoyed by websites developed by SBI's developers.

The only way to be certain of achieving solid results online, is to take control of your own website, and become adequately educated about what makes a website successful.

By studying online, you can fit your studies into your own schedule and study at your own pace.

If you need help with a particular aspect of your studies, you can for a modest cost, engage the services of a private online tutor in small blocks of time to suit your time schedule.

Related systems

In addition to learning how to use the BB2 website editor, you will also learn about programs which enable graphic images to be created, edited and optimised for use on your website. Plus, you will learn about programs that enable you to edit and prepare photographs, graphic images and videos for display on your website pages.

Video copyright © GimpKnowHow. Courtesy of YouTube.

The above video describes an image editing program named The Gimp. This is one of a series of videos available at YouTube which teach users how to use the Gimp program. Click the video to play.

Important website creation and promotion techniques are described and discussed in the tutorials. Including how to write content and structure your website pages correctly, so that the search engines will index and promote the pages to relevant visitors.

You will also learn about the selection and correct use of keywords in titles, sub titles, navigation links and page names. This, will in turn help your website pages be promoted at the search engines.

The red button shown above is a Flash movie. Click the button to play.

Flash movies can be displayed on websites to help present many different types of information. The movies can be fun, sophisticated, informative, or a combination of all three.

Unfortunately Flash movies are for some nonsense reason, not allowed to play on Apple iPads or iPhones.

However, alternative rich media presentation systems are evolving, which you will if required, be able to use on your website pages. We will teach you about these new rich media systems as they evolve, and as they become increasingly available.

As you learn more about how to create a website and add content to your website pages using the web online editor, you will also be provided with access to tutorials and videos which teach the use of advanced techniques, such as cascading style sheets and JavaScript.

These techniques are not essential to initially creating and operating a successful website. Although once you have acquired enough experience, you will be able to optionally add advanced features to your website pages by using these techniques.

In addition to video, tutorials are also provided in written formats, which can be downloaded and read on your computer screen, on your Kindle, iPad, mobile phone, or printed. The tutorials will teach you all you need to know to become a search engine optimization expert.

The videos and written tutorials are each specially produced to help teach you how to create a website of your own.

You can view the pages displayed here and at the websites linked to through the Valuable links page, as often as you wish and for as long as you wish.

Once you have a website hosting account of your own, you will be able to submit questions and participate in user forums, along with many other individuals, who are also learning how to create and operate their own websites.

Throughout this website, systems, techniques and applications are introduced for you to research access and use. You can optionally learn to use these applications and systems either through the pages displayed here, or through other websites which this website refers you to.

The systems, techniques and applications recommended here are the best ones that I have personally identified and used during almost twenty years of working with the internet and helping hundreds of college students, including adult learners and small business owners learn how to create and operate websites of their own.

How this website is structured

This is the tier 1 page at this website, also known as the Home page.

All tier 2 pages are accessed through the navigation buttons shown at the top-left of this page and all other pages. Those pages are similar to the chapters in a book, and introduce you to the major subject areas of the website.

Tier 2 pages link to tier 3 pages, usually from the right-hand column, although also from relevant places within the text.

Tier 3 pages display the most detailed information shown at the site.

Also, other valuable websites are linked to from some pages.

The external websites provide unique, detailed information intended to help you learn techniques relating to how to use various applications or how to create a website of your own, plus manage, operate and promote your website to the search engines.

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